Thursday, October 17, 2013

order Purple tiger diet pills

Are you ready for a change Vista Health Products the Original Purple Tiger Diet Pill

We are all having so much fun promoting "Purple Tiger", and it just seems like everyone who is trying this product is raving about their results. People are losing weight, getting more energy, and even their moods are improving since they started taking Purple Tiger. Now their friends and family are starting to notice the difference in them, and guess what? People are asking them how THEY can get some Purple Tiger!

What we have here is a small company (but it won't be for long at this rate!) and an extensive line of over 40 unique products that nobody else has. Vista Health Products BY FAR out pays ANY company we have ever been with. Not only do you make $17.75 profit on every bottle of Purple Tiger sold from your website, you also get paid 10% - 10% - 10% in the top 3 levels alone. The company pays 61% (yes, SIXTY ONE PERCENT) back to the distributors.. That is a HUGE amount folks.

So, how can they afford to pay so much? Simple. This is a very small company, they have very little overhead, very few employees, and the "corporate staff" is basically a husband and wife team of doctors... that's it!

For anyone looking for a huge, hyped up company with paid celebrities, a huge administrative staff, overpriced "me too" type products, and underpaid distributors, well, Vista Health Products is probably not for you. In fact WE just LEFT a company like that and we are really glad to put it behind us.

If you are looking for unique, and fairly prices products that actually work, a pay plan that rewards the "little guy", and a company that knows you by name when you call them, well, Vista Health Products should be your new home.

Trust us on this.. We have found a HOME and we are going to be building one heck of a team... Can we invite YOU to get on board?

So, how much is it to join Vista Health Products? How about $49 TOTAL, and that INCLUDES a bottle of Purple Tiger, several Purple Tiger sample packs for you to hand out, and very nice welcome kit, AND shipping!

In short, here's what we want to know... Are you ready to try the Purple Tiger product for yourself, have a bunch of fun with a small, family oriented, "feel good" environment type of company while making some great income? ... Now is the time to join.

Head over to our Vista Health Products website at 

and click the "join" link at the top of the page.

Again, $49 total to join. This is a "no-brainer" folks.. Just do it.. You will be glad you did

Welcome in advance.. We appreciate you!

Wayne Francis

Vista Health Team Leaders

PS. When you get your Purple Tiger, please take only one the first day (even though the bottle says you can take two) and take it bright and early in the morning... You can always take two capsules starting the next day if you want, but you may not need to... We personally only take one capsule a day and it totally knocks out our appetite, lifts our moods, and we have plenty of smooth all-day energy (with no jittery feeling at all)